I worked on project Titan (the cancelled precursor to Overwatch) as a Senior Character Artist for 4 years, I later joined the Overwatch team as an Art Outsource Supervisor. I interacted with vendors and the internal dev team to get the best content into the game. Majority of my time was spent directing outsourcers in creating skins and weapons for various Heroes, that involved blockouts, paintovers, sculpting various pieces of clothing, hair and armor. In addition to that I also worked on some of the assets directly. The hero I worked on the most was Zarya. I did the initial blockout, then modeled all of the armor, the lowpoly and UVs and then Renaud Galand and Hai Phan worked on the head and the textures. I made the Zenyatta orbs, the Mandatta statue in the Kings Row map, the fish statue in the Hanamura map, the Anubis helmet for Pharah. Everything else you see in the screenshots is the work of the amazing Overwatch art team.